It is raining outside. And my office has become colder. Weather forecast says rain is not stopping until 9 pm or so. Although I have an umbrella (new one, just bought today) I do not like to walk when it is raining and grounds are wet. It feels terrible when shocks get wet, does't it?
It seems there are no reasons to like this rain.
Oh wait! At least it is not snowing! It would be very difficult to commute to the school because of snow. Now I am inclined to like this weather. :)


Just another distraction

I am at King Library, trying to complete my homework. I am halfway through it, some distraction happened and could not concentrate myself doing rest of it. Since I was already distracted, I read some poems from the blog of my favorite writer, that made me missing being with some really nice people existing or existed in some point of my life. However, I believe in the fact that all of them lie in my comfort zone, and it is not okay to be in comfort zone all the time. Something had to drag me out from warm and nurturing comfort zone and thankfully, it happened as I was being dragged by my dreams.
I remember an incident happened during my high-school days. My friend Ashok and I went to a government owned nursery to buy some ornamental plants as we though our school looked boring and some greens are needed to make it look prettier. We bought a bunch of plants, some of them had big pot with soil in it, and they were pretty heavy. It was already late in the evening and we were very excited as we made to catch last bus back to our place. We were happiest people in the whole wide world then, because we had plants, and we got bus to our home. Our excitement could not persist longer, as the driver (or some other person in bus) notified us that bus is broke and it cannot go further. That was most irritating news one could say at that moment because the bus was stopped at the end of the jungle which was famously known for the rebel Maoist area and rampant wild elephants. However, we had to go back our places. We decided to walk back. Jungle was still 1-2 kilometers to cross, and after the jungle some 8-9 kilometers to reach our place. In the total dark in the jungle, we were walking carrying a basket of plants. Both of us were freaked to walk through the jungle in the dark. We did not have any option too and neither of us had mobile phone then. We walked. I remembered the rumors of people being chased off by wild elephant. Maoist rebels had blown bomb sometime earlier on the highway through which we were walking. That has to be my most scary walk ever!
Our excitements were being revitalized was the jungle ended and we were approaching town houses. We did not encounter any wild elephants! We did not see any Maoist rebel either! We reached to home nearly at the mid night. What could be more than nice to be reach back home soundly? Mom and dad were worrying about us which ended up getting yelled up for being late. Anyway, that is just another form of being loved.
The unexpected jungle walk was a result of our dream to plant some greens at our school premises. Ashok and me really felt proud for a long time for planting some flowers on our school.
What point I wanted to make is, even though the situation may feel so weary to go through, it culminates into  a sweet moments that rewards all of your hardships.
Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

Back to the homework.